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    Default When I bought TN1 I got this promise...

    "Thank you for Purchasing TableNinja with Lifetime Free Updates!"

    Now I suppose I'll still be alive August 15, 2013, when you'll stop updating TN1, but what I won't be getting is further updates from that time on.

    What I mean is, I bought TN1 because of the promise I'll get LIFETIME updates and nobody ever told me I would HAVE TO BUY version 2, as soon as you decide to stop making updates for it, in order to continue to be able to use TN.

    I feel kind of mislead here.

    What I do not understand is also that, while you will continue updating TN2 for pokerstars, you are not going to be updating TN1.

    Now I do not have any technical understanding of what are the specific differences between software version 1 and software version 2, but what I tend to believe is, that if you have an update for pokerstars for version 2 you'll not have exceptional difficulties converting that for version 1.

    What is preventing you from continuing making updates for TN1 apart from looking to earn another $150/$20month from every customer?

    What are you telling customers who bought TN1 relying on the promise of lifetime updates?

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    1) It is not the lifetime of the person but the lifetime of the product.
    2) You are not forced to buy TN2, you CAN buy it. And if you decide to do you will get free months first.
    3) The support for TN1 will not end on August 15th. An announcement will be posted once a new date has been established.
    4) We have temporarily extended the free trial on TN2 for an additional 30 days (now 60 days).
    5) We have taken feedback to heart and a forthcoming announcement will address options and products that will reduce your out of pocket costs. We do need a few more days to finalize this before releasing it.
    6) Since all changes on pricing are going to be retro-active, we will cancel any existing subscriptions (monthly or annual) for TN2 and thus there will be no auto-billing at the end of your free access. Since everyone currently falls under a free trial period, your access to TableNinja II will not be affected by the refunds.
    7) We are extending the deadline for upgrades that is required to receive free months of TableNinja II until July 15th. The deadline was previously June 15th.

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    1. then you should have added "lifetime free updates for this version"

    2. yes in order to be able to continue to use TN I will be forced to buy TN2 as you promote on your website

    "We will stop supporting TableNinja (v1) on August 15, 2013. We cannot guarantee TableNinja (v1) will continue to work after this date."

    ofc some options are not going to work anymore, as soon as releases an update and eventually the whole software is not going to work anymore.

    3. according to your internet site "We will stop supporting TableNinja (v1) on August 15, 2013."

    4. It is totally irrelevant how long the free trial is regarding my point

    7. I just deleted TN1 and installed TN2 due to your annoucenment of the june 15th deadline. I couldn't say for sure whether or not I could have taken the time to deal with this and I didn't want to take the risk of not getting 4 free months.

    Having a 15th July deadline would change my decision. Is there a way to set this back?

    - you also didn't adress my point wondering why TN1 updates are not manageable if you create TN2 updates for pokerstars anyway.

    and I tend to believe that there isn't such a huge difference between version 1 and 2 technically.
    I feel that software 1 is constructed in a simpler way than version 2 or that at least the part concerning pokerstars is the same.

    But that is just me guessing and you probably won't have a hard time proving me wrong.

    thanks for your response
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarek View Post
    3) The support for TN1 will not end on August 15th.
    I can confirm that, because the support already ended for 6 months, thank you TN!

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