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    Default Framework net fix?

    Have we not found a problem for the framework pop-up bug on startup? It doesnt let me do anything, I have to quit ninja. Tried:

    -Regional setting to USA
    -Deleting TNFTConfigAutoLoad file

    nothing works. I run windows 7.

    any ideas?

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    Please copy/paste the framework error text and add it to this thread. Its also possible that your your copy has become corrupt somehow. Microsoft has a tool for cleaning up problem installations. Please visit:

    Windows Installer CleanUp Utility Download - Softpedia

    Click one of the "Softpedia Mirror" links on the left and download the Windows Install Cleanup Utility. Make sure TableNinja is closed and use the utility to remove it. Then download and install a fresh copy of TableNinja from the website. Let me know if this doesn't seem to solve the problem.

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