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    Default Join Waitlist hotkey broken AGAIN!

    After the last Pokerstars udpate the 'Join Waitlist Hotkey' stopped working, this is pretty frustrating especially since the same issue came up about a month or so ago. I use the 'hyper simple' theme and 'stack' my tables. Can I get an ETA on when this issue will be fixed again, and/or is this anything I can do in the mean time to fix this manually???

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    This can be caused by an incorrectly set PokerStars settings folder. You can find the correct path by going to PokerStars>Help>Open my settings folder. Make sure this path matches whats shown in TableNinja>Setup.

    That said some users are reporting this as a problem even with a correct settings folder. We are unable to reproduce it on any of our test machines. We have created a debug build that should log enough information to isolate the problem. If the settings folder doesn't help you please email with a link to this thread.

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