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    Default Auto close tournament without notification and Table Ninja

    Hi , all

    I am an italian player and play on .

    Yesterday I activated the option " Auto close tournament without notification" in the Pokerstars lobby.

    I prefer to play without any notification while playing , and when i finish a Sit n go. I prefer that the tournament will close itself without i see that

    From Yesterday i have some problem with Table Ninja . The "Currently Registred" , when i go out from a sit n go , remain the same and table ninja do not register for more sit n go .

    How can i solve this problem , without disabling that option ??

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english

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    Unfortunately allowing PokerStars to auto close finished tournament will cause this problem. TableNinja checks the state of a game by reading a file written by Stars. If the game closes immediately when its finished that information isn't written to the file and the Sensei see's a running game. Make sure to disable this option in Stars and use the closed finished tournament option in TableNinja>Opening/Closing>Tournaments. Start with a setting of 2.0 seconds. You may be able to decrease it a bit based on your CP and network speed but instant will always cause problems.

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