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    Default Pacific Poker No Longer Supported for Table Scanner


    To comply with the terms and conditions of Pacific Poker we have removed support for Pacific Poker from the scanner as requested. They no longer want software that tracks players at the tables for HM2 and also any other table tracking software, HM2 is still on the list of allowed poker software as this applies specifically to tools that scan the tables.

    Table Scanner Team

    Seating Aids: Without derogating from the prohibited use of Software Aids, you are not allowed to use any software program or external aid which, in our opinion, enables you to find a seat at a poker table or automatically seats you at a poker table ("Seating Aid"). We constantly review the use of the Services in order to detect the use of Seating Aids and in the event that we deem it has been used we reserve the right to take any action we see fit, including immediately blocking access to the Services to the offending user, terminating such user's account and seizing all monies held in such account.
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