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    I'm loving HM 2.0 so far, but I do have some feedback for the reports section:

    In the 'old' HM 1.0 i could use my own raw SQL syntax within reports. This was useful for custom reporting.

    For example: I made a report which shows my results against different type of players (how do i perform versus TAG players, how do I perform versus Loose Passive players etc etc).

    In order to do this i wrote a custom stored procedure 'getvillainplayertype' in Postgresql, which i then used in the report (see 'grouping' tag in code example below):

    <Report Name="Analysis - Villain Player Types" Version="1.1">
    		<Grouping FieldExpression="case when getvillainplayertype(ph.pokerhand_id, ph.player_id) is null then -1 else getvillainplayertype(ph.pokerhand_id, ph.player_id) end" ColumnName="VillainPlayerType" ColumnHeader="VillainPlayerType">
    				<Range In="1" RangeName="A) Nit" />
    				<Range In="2" RangeName="B) Tight Agressive" />
    				<Range In="3" RangeName="C) Loose Agressive" />
    				<Range In="4" RangeName="D) Drunk" />
    				<Range In="5" RangeName="E) Loose Passive" />
    				<Range In="0" RangeName="F) Other" />
    				<Range In="-1" RangeName="G) Unknown (less than 20 hands)" />
    I noticed that HM 2.0 uses an entirely new format for the .REPORT files. My old custom reports aren't working anymore. The new .REPORT files don't seem to accept raw SQL anymore. Is there anyway for me to still use raw SQL for these kind of purposes? Or are there any good alternatives?

    Keep up the good work!


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    Hi currently its not possible to create your own reports. We do have plans to build a GUI to let you build your own powerful reports but since this is quite a big project initially we plan to dedicate some developer time each week for adding useful reports like the one you suggested until such time we can develop the new custom stats creator. So were going to add your report as a feature request #1869 for now and feel free to suggest any new reports also you would like to see.
    We welcome any feedback on any solutions we provide, this helps us to provide better quality solutions in the future.

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    Hi Bulldozer
    Looks like an interesting report
    Are you willing to share your stored procedure as well?

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