Mouse Over Info on stats disappeared
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    Default Mouse Over Info on stats disappeared


    I watched an instructionvideo on Holdem manager where someone was using 1.04 (test build 2) and he showed at the end of the video if u are for example on tab "Cash games" and then "Sessions" if u mouse over the stats headings, lets say "3 bet %" a little pop up comes op where it says "Raise a preflop raiser %". You can see the explanation of the meaning of the stat.
    There are so many stats in Hold em manager, so its very useful.
    If you dont know what I mean you can watch the video here >
    You can see what i mean at 35:10 min.
    But now in the newer versions its gone! Is there a reason why? Or will it come back?



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    This was ommited by mistake and will be back in version 1.06.01
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