safest way to move database without losing hands?
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    Default safest way to move database without losing hands?

    I would like to know the safest and most reliable way to transfer a database to a new computer, i feel like a lose hands with every new database move i do. (when getting import errors etc.)
    So except from having all the original hand histories and import them into a new database, what's the safest method to do this?
    Use the backup/restore inside holdem manager?
    Use the backup/restore in PG Admin (Postgresql)
    What about exporting all the hands from the database using option "export hands" and the reimport them into a new one?


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    Exporting/re-importing the HHs will the slowest (if you have a large DB) but probably cleanest option. It would get rid of a bunch of cruft that tends to accumulate over time in a DB.

    That said, I take the lazy approach and just backup/restore the DB. You can use HEM's built-in backup/restore, but it doesn't work with PostgreSQL 9.x. I just use pgAdmin to do the DB backup/restore/maintenance. I recently upgraded to 64-bit v9.0.3 and while I can't really quantify an improvement, it seems faster to me.

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    Use this

    If that does not work,

    you can import your C:\hmarchive

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