More and More and More HUD Problems
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    Default More and More and More HUD Problems

    I am so sick of this software. My HUD continues to malfuction, and not work. I play rush poker on FTP and it never updates. I can't tell you how much money i've blown because I think I'm looking at someone's stats and it didn't update. Then trying to get help on this site is damn near impossible. My Hud was working fine until you guys came out with the update and then my Hud stopped working altogether. I posted on the forums and everything I was told to do didn't work so I had to download an older version to get the HUD to work because you guys can't figure out how to make your software work. Trying opening a ticket and that's impossible to get anyone to respond to that. I am using 1.11.05e version because the new version stopped working and i was told to use the old version until you guys "figured it out". Well I never heard back from anyone and I'm so so so so so so sick of paying for a service and not getting any results. My HUD needs to update every hand. Hell I would be happy w/ 80% of the hands. I'm running at about 30% right now. I use Microsoft VIsta, I have it ran as administrator and have done every first step you guys always say to do. I want my HUD working or my money back. Why would I pay for a service that doesn't work?????

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    If you enable the pre-fetch option the Rush HUD should work.

    Setup the HUD pre-fetch on site options and make sure it points to the right folder.

    Our default pre-fetch path is for \program files (x86)\... even if that folder doesn't exist on their 32 bit machine.

    options > configure auto import folders... > auto-detect > ok

    Manually add the pre-fetch folder to the auto import list.
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