Stat "won last 5min"
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    Default Stat "won last 5min"

    There was a very useful standart stat in Hm2 - "won last 5min", "won last 10min".
    I cant see it in HM3. Can it be add? Thanks!

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    I remember reading about these stats in August 2020, but I can't seem to find them in our Stats Picker. It looks like they may have been removed at some point in the past 3.5 years for some reason. I think they were taken out because we were having trouble calculating some of the hourly winnings stats. If they were intentionally removed for that reason, it's unlikely that we'll add them back unless we can fix the errors in the hourly calculations for those stats.

    *Edit: We had to remove them because they were not working properly after we added support for 'Cashout hands' and we couldn't get them working right after that change.
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