Holdem Manager 3 help!
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    Default Holdem Manager 3 help!

    Hey guys!
    I have just installed Holdem Manager 3 and am updated to the latest version. However after starting my first session i noticed that the Active Session was not correctly logging information the HUD was appearing on my screen and showing Vpip pfr etc, however the session timer the profit graph none of that inside holdem manager was updating. It would track 1 hand and then stop. Does anyone know why? Or what i can do to try and fix it? I looked at alot of fourms and some say it could be my time settings however i let holdem manager auto detect the settings to +14 that seems right as i live on the east coast of Australia.

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    Which specific site/games are you having HUD problems at? It sounds like you may have a bad import path, or import loop, configured in HM3 but I can't be sure without seeing your logs and configs.

    Please see our HUD Troubleshooting FAQ and if you continue to have problems please send the requested screenshots, logs, and hand history files in a new support ticket as instructed at the end of the FAQ - https://kb.holdemmanager.com/knowled...shooting-guide

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