I have used Notecaddy for several years (2015-2020), i took a break from poker and camr back this year.

I am using HM2 and Notecaddy that i purchased in 2015.

NoteCaddy does not create notes.

I updated to the final version of notecaddy 2.9.9013.0

There are no active Note definitions in the Note Definitions section, i believe this is the reason there are no notes being created.

In the past i have never had to download anything or create any definitions myself. NC came with definitions here and worked and created notes right out of the box.

I have looked online for a .xml file for note definitions and havent found anything (except for paid ones).

I have tried resetting NC to default settings, but there are no definitions by default so resetting it doesnt do anything.

I have never had this issue before, I believe it always came pre-populated with note definitions by default. It would always work right out of the box before but now it doesnt create any notes at all.