NoteCaddy not working with HM2 (no active definitions)
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    Angry NoteCaddy not working with HM2 (no active definitions)

    I have used Notecaddy for several years (2015-2020), i took a break from poker and camr back this year.

    I am using HM2 and Notecaddy that i purchased in 2015.

    NoteCaddy does not create notes.

    I updated to the final version of notecaddy 2.9.9013.0

    There are no active Note definitions in the Note Definitions section, i believe this is the reason there are no notes being created.

    In the past i have never had to download anything or create any definitions myself. NC came with definitions here and worked and created notes right out of the box.

    I have looked online for a .xml file for note definitions and havent found anything (except for paid ones).

    I have tried resetting NC to default settings, but there are no definitions by default so resetting it doesnt do anything.

    I have never had this issue before, I believe it always came pre-populated with note definitions by default. It would always work right out of the box before but now it doesnt create any notes at all.

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    I have answered you in your support ticket on what steps you need to do to make Notecaddy work as it should.

    If there are currently no definitions showing in Notecaddy we should still be able to install the definition packages again if needed.

    Im unable to say exactly what could have caused Notecaddy not to have any definitions showing, other than uninstalling Notecaddy or removing the folder that contains the definitions there is no reason why that should happen.

    Once you are able to install the last version of NC for HM2 v.9013 and install one of the NCE definitions pack following the steps recommended in the support ticket you should be ready to go.

    Im going to leave here a link to the Youtube playlist of Notecaddy that shows how to install a definitions package. This can be helpfull to any other who are searching for the same information.

    Best wishes,

    Ivo rocha

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