Missing the All in equity in multiway pots all in
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    Default Missing the All in equity in multiway pots all in

    Hope you are doing well,
    I'm trying to use again the sofware to keep the results on date, but there is some bug in multiway pots all in where is missing the correct All in adj ev.
    Cash and tournaments.
    First example appears that in a 4 players all in preflop in a cash games, appears -200 all in adj ev, where I'm just playing 100bb.
    Next one in tournaments, is missing directly the all in equity, it just count as if the action was on river

    Multiway pot all in preflop PL.png

    Allinpre 3way tournaments.png
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    I already replied to the same question you sent in support ticket #1027531. Here is a direct link to your My Tickets page.

    Hello Daniel,

    In the future please send the original hand history files from your C:\HM3Archive folder instead of copying/pasting the hand into the email support ticket.

    The tournament hand you sent does not record any All-In Adj Diff because 'lecruxa00 calls [2,700]' then 'lecruxa00 folds' to the 'isabelle1981 is all-In [321,420]' shove.

    ** Dealing down cards **
    Dealt to popescuu18 [ 6h As ]
    progresivebusto folds
    PetPette folds
    popescuu18 raises [3,600]
    robinsoncrusoe is all-In [3,091]
    lecruxa00 calls [2,700]
    isabelle1981 is all-In [321,420]
    popescuu18 is all-In [75,840]
    lecruxa00 folds

    The cash game hand you sent shows a 'Net Won' of +474.91 and an 'All-In Adj Diff' of -438.90 so it appears to be calculating equity for the multi-way all-in preflop hand since it did not have any unknown but folded cards in that hand.

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