HM2 crashed, cant acces rn because of this error.
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    Default HM2 crashed, cant acces rn because of this error.

    Hello HM Support, I cant access the Hm2 and then I have the following message, could you help me please?

    The last time I dealt with this I clicked on "Reset Password" and I lose the entire database in a click. please help
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    PT4's default name/password is - postgres/dbpass
    HM2's default name/password is - postgres/postgrespass

    You might also want to try svcPASS83 or h0ld3mManag3r! for a password if none of the above works.

    If that doesnt help:

    1. Go to C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.x\data, move the the pg_hba file to your Desktop and open it with notepad.
    2. Scroll to the bottom and change all md5 to trust. Save and close the file
    3. Move the file back to the data folder
    4. Restart the PostgreSQL service: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

    HM will accept any password now.

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