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    Quote Originally Posted by Krovikhan View Post

    meanwhile the issue is being resolved, can you tell me how can I avoid those error messages that pop up when NC crashes?

    Every poker session I have to close like 10 of them at least. It's very annoying. Not only because I have to close the window to continue using HM3, on top of that the window is instantly hidden behind Winamax tables cause their software prioritize the tables over anything else*.

    So I really appreciate if I could know who to get rid of those error pop-up's.

    If you tell me how to override the Winamax software to avoid anything being hidden behind it it would be magical.

    Best regards,


    *this happens when I try to add player notes in the HUD. I have to instantly grab the notes window and take it outside the tables to write in it before it disappears.
    The error you showed above was for Range Wizard. If RW is what is still crashing then I would simply disable it from the HM3 - 'Apps' menu when playing live.

    Quote Originally Posted by Krovikhan View Post

    I've tried the steps you suggested.

    "Disable/Enable Notecaddy from the HM3/Notecaddy tab. If playing live the OFF/ON will make NC load up all the stats again." -- Nothing happened.

    "Reset notes in NC, process all hands for notes. Restart HM3 at end of processing, check in replayer if issue is fixed." -- Nothing happened.

    "Start a new DB and import all HandHistorys from the HMarchive folder..." --- Instantly received HM3 Error Report from Range Wizard. I haven't even needed to open Notecaddy.

    Attachment 166381

    I have to say that I had this Error report before (so not only in this new database).

    So I guess I have to open a support ticket. What kind of ticket should I open?, a HM3 one?, a Notecaddy one?, about HUD?, about database?
    If the errors you are getting currently are from NC instead of RW, you will need to wait for suggestions from jahrumble.

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    I finally got your ticket.

    Unfortunatly, as I said in the ticket, the HHs you have sent did not import to Hm3 for some reason. I will need a few more HHs to be able to test this correctly.

    You have some more feedback in the ticket on the steps we need to try so we can isolate further on this, but it does seem we will need to thread the needle to get to the bottom of this one.

    On closing the error popups: Those popups will always trigger when an app or Hm finds an error that needs to be reported. Now, most of the popup windows save where they were last closed. You can try moving the error window to a more accessible place and close it there. Next time it should open again in the same place.

    Best wishes,

    Ivo Rocha

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