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    I must be really stupid. But how to open settings for notecaddy? I see only switch on\off on app tab in HM3.

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    That is normal if you are using the free version of Notecaddy.

    Make sure to use the Notecaddy HUD as it uses all the definitions of the free version. This version runs entirely on the background and does not give access to the Notecaddy GUI.

    If you have an active Notecaddy subscription do the steps below as it will reinstall Notecaddy and fix the issue of not being able to open Notecaddy from the "Show Notecaddy"option.

    - Close HM3 and "Holdem Manager server" icon on bottom of your desktop.
    - Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Max Value Software\Holdem Manager\3.0\AppsData and move the Notecaddy folder to your desktop as a backup.
    - Restart HM3, allow a couple minutes for NC to reinstall. It should start the wizard after installing NC again.

    Also make sure in HM3 - TOOLS - Settings - General - Prompt for beta updates ON. Then go to HELP - Check for updates to make sure HM3 is also up to date.

    If you keep having any issues after these steps please open a support ticket so we can troubleshoot further with you.

    Best wishes,


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    For some reason it starts to work properly today. Thank you!

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