NoteCaddy stats are not showing in popups
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    Default NoteCaddy stats are not showing in popups


    I just bought HM3 subscription and wanted to import everything what I have from HM2. I did import NoteCaddy notes definitions, hm2 hud's and hm2 popups. NoteCaddy stats are shown correctly in hud imported from HM2, unfortunately in imported popups, notecaddy statistics are not shown - instead there is image with information "invalid response from notecaddy". I tried to add statistics from NoteCaddy to those popups also manually but still the same image and same error. Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

    In the attachment is screen of my popup.

    Best regards.
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    From looking at the screenshot you have sent it seems Notecaddy is not finding the definition or at least not being able to make it work.

    This can be caused by a few different things.

    1- Make sure to have an active HM3/NC licence
    2- Make sure to import the HUDs only after finishing importing the definitions and popupgroups.
    if needed
    3- Check HUD for the definitions naming, if all is well imported. Try using a few of the not working definitions in a new HUD as a test.
    4- Redo step 2. Import definitions and popupgroups, import HUDs last.

    If you can not make the definitions work even in a new HUD, please open a support ticket and mention this thread. Attach to that ticket a few of the definitions that are not working so I can have a look at them.

    Let me know how it went.

    Best wishes,


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