(Stable Release - Dec 30th, 2023) is now available!

The latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website.

Full release notes available here.

Release Notes

  • Filter Bar - Improved the list of suggestions for Flush and Straight Texture filters.

  • Added support for Colombian Peso currency.
  • Added download size information when updating HM3 apps.
  • Automatically close all open HM3 windows when closing the HM3 client.

  • Improved duplicate player detection to prevent corrupt hand histories from being imported.
  • Resolved an issue where hand histories showing players dealt without hole cards would cause an import error on some poker sites.
  • Resolved an issue where unsupported 3-card Holdem games were incorrectly imported.

  • Updated the display of stat names from uppercase to capitalized.

Poker Sites
  • Coin Poker - Resolved an issue with importing games played in USDT (Tether) currency.
  • Coin Poker - Resolved an issue with player position detection in hands where the dead big blind is posted out of position.
  • GGPoker - Improved hand viewer and replayer support for All-In or Fold hands.
  • Horizon Poker Network - Improved detection for Re-entry tournaments.
  • Horizon Poker Network - Improved Rebuy/Addon tournament detection.
  • iPoker - Improved big blind detection for hands where the big blind player was all-in.
  • iPoker - Prevent import of unsupported Six Plus Holdem hand histories.
  • iPoker - Resolved an error that could occur when importing some hand histories.
  • iPoker - Resolved an issue with table size detection for Football hand histories.
  • iPoker - Resolved issues in hand viewer and replayer with Run It Twice hands.
  • partypoker - Correctly display error count for incomplete hand histories.
  • partypoker - Improved buy-in detection for SPINS Ultra tournaments.
  • People's Poker - Improved tournament detection for Lottery SNGs.
  • PokerStars - Corrected tournament currency detection for play money tournaments.
  • PokerStars.it - Added support for the new hand history format (Dec 2023 Update).
  • SwC Poker - Resolved an issue with tournament number detection for some tournaments.
  • Winning Poker Network - Added support for Reshuffle games.
  • Winning Poker Network - Resolved an issue where importing some Reshuffle hands could cause the application to close unexpectedly.

  • Resolved an issue where the button was displayed in the wrong position for some IPoker and 888poker hand histories.

  • The average of game currency stats should be in-game currency for results using one currency.
  • Updated ROI formula to account for rebuys and addons.

  • Improved tournament prize detection for satellite tournaments.