Need old version of HM3
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    Default Need old version of HM3

    Good evening, for an issue with my installation file i need an old forsion of hm3 iin specific version
    Thanks for help

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    It sounds as if your Support & Maintenance (S/M) plan expired so you need the previous stable version from the HM3 - Help - My Licenses... menu's 'Reinstall Old Version' link or from this direct link -

    Once you get the v22 version installed you should disable the Tools - Settings - General - [ ] 'Check for Updates' and [ ] 'Prompt for beta updates' options until you need/want to renew the S/M again.

    That version was released 1.5 years ago so it may not function properly at some of the sites you play if they have released major updates in that time. If you have issues and want to update HM3 to version to solve them and have access to new updates for the next year you will need to renew your S/M. You can read more about the S/M plans here -

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