heatmap doesn't open when I click
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    Exclamation heatmap doesn't open when I click

    Hello, I am experiencing the problem that when I left click on the preflop heatmaps within the notes, they do not open.

    Is it another button that opens them? Is there something I need to configure?

    It doesn't just happen when I play on Pokerstars, which is normal, but also when I'm in the HM3 replayer outside of the tables.

    I am attaching a screenshot to see if you can help me.

    Thank you so much.


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    This might be related to your DPI Scaling settings that is causing the HUD issues in your other thread.

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    When going from the "Player notes" icon, as in the screenshot you sent, the heat maps do not open. If you open the note from a popup in a stat it will open the heat maps.

    Im not sure it is possible to open either the heat maps or the replayer from the "Player notes" as the info there is "printed" as summary.

    Best wishes,


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