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    Default Winamax Hold Up filter


    is there a filter in HM3 or Notecaddy for Winamax Hold Up hands (hands with an increased pot)?

    if not, how can I create one?

    The game is totally different in those hands: ranges, sizes, anything...

    I know the "money added" filter for reports but I need one for creating HUD stats: open raise in money added hands for example. Ante filters don't work.

    Thank you very much.

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    This is not possible in HM3 as far as I know. I will move this to the NC forum to see if their support can possibly assist you.

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    Hello krovi,

    At the moment this is also not possible to do with Notecaddy.

    Even if we try with the "Buy in information" tab when creating a note, there is no way to make it filter only for the pots where there was added money before preflop action.

    To use that option would require for all stacks at the table to have the same starting amount of chips and that is not always the case at all cash tables. If all players had same amount of chips at start of hand we could add the min/max threshold of added money in the "Buy in information" tab to filter for those hands.

    Agreed people go wild in those spots and ranges get much wider. But the players do not change.

    Also most of those pots size is dynamic, it can range a few to a lot of BBs added. That will also reflect how much wider ranges will get. Bunching all hands together just cause they are bombed pots might help something but still will not reflect the different sizes of bomb pots there is. And if we go filtering bomb pots by size there will not be enough sample of hands to make the info worth it...

    Still this is worth to forward as a suggestion as bomb pots are becoming more and more standard in todays games.

    Thank you for your input and feedback,

    Best wishes,


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