Hand Grabber Stops Working after Ignition Disconnect
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    Default Hand Grabber Stops Working after Ignition Disconnect

    I've encountered a bug where I get disconnected from the Ignition server for ~5 seconds, the popup that it's reconnecting to tables comes up, then my connection is restored. However, the Hand Grabber stops working after reconnection. Is there any way to manually fix this other than closing tables and reopening?

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    There's a problem if Ignition loses it's connection and reconnects - we're losing the tables in that case. Also, if HM3 is restarted after a table has been opened the grabber is not reconnecting. One of our testers has reproduced both issues and our IHG developer is investigating.

    If the HUD stops working for some reason, you are going to have to restart HM3 and the Ignition client in the order below until we can release a proper fix.

    - Close your poker clients, close HM3, and right-click - 'Exit' the HM3 Server icon in the Windows Notification Tray.
    - Restart HM3 and ensure HM3 and the HM3 Server (Auto Import/HUD) are fully started.
    - Launch your poker client(s).

    p.s. Long time no see, and LOL at your avatar! Did I make that?

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