Hm3 custom preflop hands filter for Omaha
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    Default Hm3 custom preflop hands filter for Omaha

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    при пользовательстком фильтре карманных карт в пло ничего не добавляется и ничего не меняется в строке фильтра. я делаю что-то не так?
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    With version we made some changes:

    Custom Omaha Filters - Added support for filtering using AND and OR logical operator

    Which now requires that you use single 'Apostrophe' marks at each end of the filter expression as shown below and in the attached images and video of the example filter below:


    Unfortunately, the developers did not make this clear to the end user in any meaningful way yet and there are also a couple of related issues which we have documented for the developers to address in a future update.

    HMT-7018: Filter Editor - Omaha Custom HoleCard filter issues

    1. If you click the “AND” button to the right of the Omaha Custom filter bar, the Omaha menu on the left side will get a bold font.
    2. If you click on the “?” button next to it to open the Help window, then close the Editor and reopen it, you won’t be able to scroll up or down in the Help window anymore, you have to reopen it each time you reopen the Editor.
    3. There is no information in the Help window informing the customers that they should place these filters in the single apostrophes. Perhaps this requirement could be removed when typing the filter in the Custom filter bar. Filters could be separated just by a space or a comma. The apostrophes could then be automatically added in the Applied filters bar.

    filter editor with single quotes at each end.png

    custom hole cards report filtered.png

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