(Stable Release - Sep 21, 2023) is now available!

The latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website.

Full release notes available here.

  • Enhanced accuracy of Straight Texture filters.

  • Player Notes can now be exported/imported in JSON format, facilitating manual editing. Exported in .playernotes format, they are now compressed using ZIP for more convenient storage.
  • Addressed an issue where a corrupted user.config file could lead to a crash during startup.
  • Updated various labels to optimize dialog display and prevent text truncation.
  • Enhanced currency exchange system to accommodate preferred currencies, introducing support for several new currencies.
  • Addressed an issue where an error could occur when interacting with the notification bar.
  • Enhanced support for importing hand histories with lengthy filenames that were previously rejected.
  • Updated translations for all supported languages.

Hand Viewer
  • Added theming for window title bar in hand viewer accessed via the HUD.
  • Indicate split pots within the hand selection list.

  • Resolved an issue where player names containing comma or period symbols could disrupt HUD functionality.

  • Enhanced error handling when detecting duplicate players within hand histories.

Poker Sites
  • GGPoker: Improved buy-in detection for Super Sat to GGMasters tournaments.
  • GGPoker: Added functionality to support importing All-In Or Fold hand histories when the flop line is missing.
  • HHPoker: Corrected net won-related calculations for bomb pots.
  • Ipoker: Added support for SEK currency.
  • Ipoker: Resolved an issue with incorrect ICM EV Diff display for some tournaments.
  • Microgaming: Addressed issues related to SB going all-in and SB limp-fold vs. BB all-in scenarios.
  • Open Hand History (OHH): Added import error notification for invalid number of hole cards.
  • Revolution: Resolved an issue pertaining to Happy Hour tables.
  • Winamax: Resolved import issue for hands with posted dead small and big blinds.
  • WPN: Enhanced detection of lottery tournaments.

  • HUD will no longer reset upon opening replayer options.

  • Introduced new hands grid column options: Amount Won, Split Pot, Hand Rake, Total Amount Wagered, Final Pot Size.

  • Improved handling of bounties in freeroll tournaments, addressing associated errors.
  • Requests for manual tournament detection will now queue the requested tournaments for processing.
  • Reworked and enhanced rebuy and addon detection.
  • Improved currency detection, resolving an issue that affected play-money tournaments.
  • Streamlined the error reporting process for tournament detection, ensuring that only one error report is sent per tournament error.