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    All of my jackpot sng stats (Bovada) show $0 for winnings. Are these SNG types supported by HM3? Thanks!

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    Ignition and our Ignition Hand Grabber (IHG) app do not write tournament summaries* so tournament results will never be accurate. *You will have to manually edit the results via the Reports - Tournaments - Tournaments - right-click a tournament in the upper half of the report grid - Edit - Tournament Editor, then edit as needed and click 'OK' to save the edits.

    *Any tournament with more than 1 table (and some single table games) will require a separate Tournament Summary/History file to be imported for HM3 to properly calculate the size, places, and prizes. Without this information, it is impossible for HM3 to work out the correct results. The only sites that currently write these summary files that we support right now are Pokerstars, Full Tilt, Winamax, WPN, Pacific, and Run It Once Poker. *We are working to try and improve our Ignition Hand Grabber (IHG) app to generate prize/result information but it is not clear if/when we might be able to do this.

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