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    Exclamation Hand not recognize

    When I finished my session, I was surprised to see that a hand was missing. It wasn't accounted for (I didn't receive any errors – great! How can I be sure this didn't happen to other hands?)

    I went to fetch the missing hand manually, and when I tried to import it, I received this error: "Invalid pot size [3] (4.21 vs. pot: 4.21 rake: 4.21 jpt: 0.00) for hand #18802718840501."

    This is the hand :
    Winamax Poker - HOLD-UP "Colorado" - HandId: #18802718-840501-1693914021 - Holdem no limit (0.01€/0.02€) - 2023/09/05 11:40:21 UTC
    Table: 'Colorado' 6-max (real money) Seat #6 is the button
    Seat 1: ThorBoyo51 (2€)
    Seat 2: SyxComeback (2€)
    Seat 3: Bacchus224 (3.24€)
    Seat 4: Tchumie (3.84€)
    Seat 5: TN9572 (0.50€)
    Seat 6: 4Bet Merguez (3€)
    Hold-up to Pot: total 0.10€
    ThorBoyo51 posts small blind 0.01€
    SyxComeback posts big blind 0.02€
    Dealt to SyxComeback 
    [AS] [KS]
    Bacchus224 raises 0.03€ to 0.05€
    Tchumie calls 0.05€
    TN9572 folds
    4Bet Merguez calls 0.05€
    ThorBoyo51 folds
    SyxComeback raises 0.31€ to 0.36€
    Bacchus224 folds
    Tchumie raises 3.48€ to 3.84€ and is all-in
    4Bet Merguez folds
    SyxComeback calls 1.64€ and is all-in
    [3C] [QD] [AH]
    [3C] [QD] [AH] [6C]
    [3C] [QD] [AH] [6C] [3D]
    SyxComeback shows 
    [AS] [KS] (Two pairs : Aces and 3)
    Tchumie shows 
    [QS] [AC] (Two pairs : Aces and Queens)
    Tchumie collected 5.64€ from pot
    Total pot 5.64€ | Rake 0.41€
    [3C] [QD] [AH] [6C] [3D]
    Seat 2: SyxComeback (big blind) showed 
    [AS] [KS] and lost with Two pairs : Aces and 3
    Seat 4: Tchumie showed 
    [QS] [AC] and won 5.64€ with Two pairs : Aces and Queens
    Thanks for help !

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    Please zip and send the complete original hand history file for that hand from your C:\HM3ARchive folder to us in a support ticket as instructed at the end of this guide.

    p.s. I replied to your duplicate post on Discord. Please try not to post the same question in multiple support channels/tickets to get a faster reply. This causes us to have to respond twice and we often have different people working different support channels so we end up spending twice the time necessary to help you which delays replies to other customers.

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