Too much lag after 20 minutes of the session.
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    Default Too much lag after 20 minutes of the session.

    2100 notes/stats written with notecaddy
    800k hands
    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 4.05 GHz
    32.0GB ram+ssd.m2

    It has become almost impossible to play in the last few months, due to HUD update delay and sometimes Notecaddy crashes. HM3 stats appear without any problems, but notecaddy stats appear after 10/15 seconds, and sometimes they don't appear at all until I restart the pc.

    On HM2 I had the possibility to change the postgresql parameters. on HM3 I don't know what to do. (I haven't used it since 2020)

    what can i do on HM3? are there any tricks/hacks?

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    With those PC specs you shouldn´t have any issue running HM3 and Notecaddy.

    Let me help you getting Notecaddy to work a bit faster or find what is making it go so slow.

    The first thing you can try, in NC go to FIle - Settings - Data Settings tab - Enable "Store temporary images on a RAM drive".

    This should speed up things already. Also make sure to have the "Thread count" as high as possible.

    If not enough or already enabled,

    Usually Notecaddy updates a HUD for a new note at the 2nd hand after it was played. hand zero = hand played ; hand one no new note ; hand two the note shows in HUD. More than this is not expected, better than this is possible.

    As you pointed only the NC notes are slow, not the HM3 stats. This points to something with the definitions itself. Maybe outdated (if this was an HM2 import this is highly likely) definitions that are making Notecaddy go slow.

    In some cases of HM2 imports it is possible to update those old definitions. If you are using any of the avaliable definitions packs in "Manage my ultimate packs" or the HM2 import uses definitions from these packs, then we need to reinstall the relevant package from the "Manage My Ultimate paks" list to update those old definitions.

    After reinstalling the definitions make sure to reimport the HUD as well and reset and process hands for notes again.

    Let me know if any of the options helped,

    Best wishes,


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