Filter by hands where I check folded best hand?
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    Default Filter by hands where I check folded best hand?

    Hi is there a way to filter for hands where I c/f the best hand to a bet? Maybe specifically on the river too? Everyone's hole cards are all revealed in HH afterwards. Thanks

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    No, I don't believe that is possible in HM2 or HM3. The only thing I can think of would be to filter for all hands where you check-fold the river then open and manually review all those hands in the rep,layer or hand history viewer.

    p.s. HM2 support ended on Dec 31, 2020, so it may not work properly at some of the sites that it used to support. You will need to upgrade to HM3 for future technical support. You can read more about the HM2 End Of Life here.

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