HUD einstellung für Cashgame
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    Default HUD einstellung für Cashgame

    Gibt es eine Einstellung für ALL TIME WINS und SESSION WINS? oder verlust. jeh nachdem

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisBLN84 View Post
    Is there a setting for ALL TIME WINS and SESSION WINS? or loss. depending
    I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the software and I apologize for the delay in reply as our German support appears to have been offline for some time now.

    Are you asking for a filter or stat to show your number or percent of total session wins? I don't think there is such a feature, but it might be possible with a bit of manual work in the HM3 Sessions Report using the 'NetAmountWon>=0.01' and 'NetAmountWon<=0.01' filters, or by exporting the Sessions Report to CSV file and using some types of spreadsheet formulas.

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