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    Default wrong seatings HUD

    hello after moving to the pokerstars DE client or after setting back my computer on pokerstars the seats doesnt fit to the correct players anymore , can you please help me with that .. the problem only appears at stars

    i tried out all of this but it doesnt work


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    Please make sure your poker site's preferred seating options are configured and matched to your HM3 - Tools - Site Settings - My Seat options - as explained in this FAQ. PokerStars Preferred Seating should be set to [x] 'Always Auto-Center Me' and HM3's - Tools - Site Settings... - PokerStars - My Seat should be set to [x] 'Automatically Detect'.

    1) Open one Table, and play at least one hand for HM3 to import and update the HUD to show your Hero data*.
    2) Manually adjust the positions for each player if necessary and save/lock the layout as instructed in this FAQ - https://kb.holdemmanager.com/knowled...e-up-correctly
    3) Now you can open further tables but you will always have to play at least one hand for the stats to be moved to the correct positions.

    *Make sure that you always wait until AFTER you have played a hand and see your own Hero HUD before you ever move any HUD panels.* By default, the HUD can show before you have played a hand to aid in table selection but it might not align properly until after you have played your big blind hand if the table had to 'rotate' to auto-center you in your seat at that table.* You can disable this pre-fetched HUD if you disable the HM3 - Tools - Site Settings... - PokerStars - Optional Settings menu -*https://kb.holdemmanager.com/knowled...-site-settings

    If you continue to have problems:

    Please see our HUD Troubleshooting FAQ - https://support.holdemmanager.com/su...roubleshooting - and if that does not help then please send the requested logs, screenshots, and hand history files in a support ticket as instructed at the bottom of that FAQ.

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