replayer showing only 6 players on ipoker
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    Default replayer showing only 6 players on ipoker

    There is a bug in the replayer.
    When looking at a hand history file for an 8 or 9 max tournament from Ipoker, the replayer only shows 6 of the players.
    If I view the hand history file, it contains information on all players. Any way of resolving this?

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    Please download this text file and follow the instructions to enable our new replayer code we are testing internally to see if that solves the issues.

    If you continue to have problems

    Please enable the Tools - Settings - Feature Logging -* [x] 'Replayer' - OK.

    Please reproduce and screenshot the error then send us your log files, along with the screenshots and details of what steps preceded the error to a support ticket -

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