help with creating a stat
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    Default help with creating a stat


    Im trying to create a stat for % a player wins at SD when no money goes in on the river.

    Could somone let me know if this is possible please

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    Yes that will be possible to do with Notecaddy.

    Have a look here:

    Especially the "Notecaddy variables" and "Definition digest". This should help you find the required steps to make a working definition.

    For what you are requesting we need to make sure that both players action is "Check" on the River. The actions from other streets are irrelevant, so no need to add any action there, unless you want to further specify. 3bet pot or SRP, etc.

    Then add the correct variable to the definition to get the Won at SD result.

    If this is one of your first trys at building a definition have a look at this video and the Notecaddy youtube playlist. The videos there are really short and straight to the point.

    also add the playlist if you wish:

    Hope this clears some doubts. Let us know if you need any more help.


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