All-in Adj bb report shows incorrect numbers
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    Default All-in Adj bb report shows incorrect numbers


    Something seems of with the All-in Adj bb stat in the report.

    If I look at my graph you will see the following winnings for myself playing PLO 100:
    Net won: -403
    All in Adjust Won: 445

    My bb/100 shows as -9,55, which makes sense given the following datapoints:
    Hands played: 4.225
    Net won: -403
    bb/100: -9.55

    However if you look at the report you will also see that the All-in Adj bb is showing 78,18 (which is incorrect)
    Hands played: 4.225
    All in Adj won: 445
    All in Adj bb: Should be around the 10bb.

    The All-in Adj bb stat shows WAY TOO HIGH as you can see based on the winnings in EV.

    Please have a look into this to see what is happening and how this can be fixed. These hands are played on GGPoker rush and Cash.


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    Please try all the steps in this FAQ. If you continue to have problems please zip and email the problem original hand histories and tournament summaries to us as instructed with a link to this thread and your forum name. Ensure you also include screenshots of your reports/filters and a detailed description by tournament number, session, hole cards, filter, stat, etc. of some of the errors we need to test.

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