Tableninja sometimes auto-calling or auto-3betting
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    Default Tableninja sometimes auto-calling or auto-3betting


    I'm having an issue where semi-regularly tableninja automatically makes an action on another table, seemingly completely randomly.

    I'm playing tiled with slight overlaps and using hotkeys applied onto table under mouse, and not using popup table whenever action is required.
    It makes these actions immediately once I hover the mouse onto the next table and what is clear is that they're not copying the previous action on the previous table.

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    Please let us know what is the current version of Tableninja 2 you have currently installed.

    Make sure to use the Pokerstars "Mercury" theme as it is the most stable theme of the three supported at the moment.

    If you still have these issues when using the "Mercury" theme please open a support ticket so we can followup with you and provide some troubleshooting steps if needed.

    Overlapping tables is not the best option as it can cause some glitches while detecting the tables.

    In one of the next updates we will have a better way to organize your tables. Just making sure everything works well before putting it out there.

    Best wishes,


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