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    Default Creating a new database

    My database is corrupted and I need to create a new one. How do I go about this if I cannot get into HM2 to create it? I've had a good search but can't find anything.


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    Unfortunately, HM2 support ended on Dec 31, 2020 so it will likely not work at many of the sites that it used to support. You will need to upgrade to HM3 for future technical support. You can read more about the HM2 End Of Life here.

    I believe the only way to solve this is to reinstall PostgreSQL completely, but I might be wrong as I haven't had to answer such a question for 3 or 4 plus years.

    Make sure windows is fully updated until 'No New Important Updates are Found' (this may require multiple restarts and multiple 'check for updates'), including Internet Explorer (even if you use a different web browser).

    Please note that reinstalling PostgreSQL will mean losing all your old data. If you have access to HM2 and your database was not corrupt then please follow these instructions for backing up your database as a precaution in case you cannot reconnect after reinstalling PostgreSQL.

    If you cannot access the database in HM2 then you can backup your database using this method but if your database was corrupt then the best solution is to reimport all your hands from C:/HM2archive folder or if your pokersite supports it you can request all your hands and summaries and reimport them as restoring a corrupt database will just restore all the problems you had.

    1) Uninstall PostgreSQL from the Windows Control Panel.

    2) Delete the \PostgreSQL\X.x\data folder that is left behind.

    3) Delete the sub-folder(s) in c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\HoldemManager\Da tabase (XP - c:\documents and settings\username\application data\HoldemManager\Database).

    4) run the command - start > programs > accessories > command prompt > right-click > run as administrator

    net user postgres /delete
    After you click 'Enter' for the code above also do the same for this code:

    sc delete postgresql-8.4
    and click 'Enter' again.

    5) Restart your PC

    6) Install PostgreSQL 9.3 from:
    - 64 Bit Windows -
    - 32 Bit Windows -
    - Skip the 'Stack Builder' option at the end of the installation.

    7) Once installed you should disable the postgresql logging as instructed here.

    If there is still an issue, we need to know the error - it is in the %Temp% folder - bitrockinstaller.txt file. If you can't see it, turn off the windows option that is hiding that directory.

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