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    Default Sessions Not Updating

    Brand new to the community, so hello to everyone.

    I am a returning player to the poker pool after a couple of years away. Those two years were proceeded by slightly above average poker play, where I never really took session data, HUDs, etc. seriously. I have returned with new vigor and a much more defined outlook on what I want my poker outcomes to be. As such, I downloaded HM3 yesterday and am going through the trial version as we speak. Two questions that came up during my first 24 hours with the trial version:

    1) The two sessions that I have played so far have not shown up in my "Sessions" tab. The only sessions that are showing up for me are those from past sessions played. Is there a reason that current sessions are not showing up? My HUD is working accurately, and I have confirmed that the Hand History folder matches what is entered into HM3.

    2) I went into HUD Options to change the opacity of the HUD boxes for each player listed on the table. However, the opacity does not seem to be working, as the HUD stat boxes are their default darkness. Any recommendations here? I am attaching a screenshot of my personal HUD display. I would like it to be more opaque so that I can see items on the table better, if that helps makes sense of what I am trying to say

    Screenshot 2023-03-24 160117.png

    Thanks for any assistance that can be provided!

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    1: If you have already played some hands for that site and the HUD was working, you just need to switch the active player and/or create an alias if you play multiple sites, as instructed in this guide.

    If you continue to have problems: Please see our HUD Troubleshooting FAQ and if that does not help then please send the requested logs, screenshots, and hand history files in a support ticket as instructed at the bottom of that FAQ with a link to this forum thread and your forum username.

    2: Make sure that you are editing the proper profile and that you have the proper profile assigned to the/any tables.

    If you (1) left-click the Table 'HUD' panel you can (2) choose the HUD you want to use then (3) open the menu again as shown in the attached image to set it as the default profile for that table type -

    You will need to do the same for each site/game you play unless you apply it to 'Any' in the HUD Options... Profile Select menu.

    These HUD settings are saved and can be managed/created in the HUD - HUD Options: 'Profile Select' menu. Here is an example of how I have mine set up for cash and tournament testing:

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