(Stable Release - Mar 15, 2023) is now available!

The latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website.

Full release notes available here.

Release notes:

  • Added missing "Two Card Straight" and removed unnecessary "One Card Nut Straight" flop straight draw filters
  • Improved alignment of tournament filters
  • Tournament flags can now be set to false
  • Updated Table Size filter to allow values from 2 to 10
  • Renamed "Table Count" filter to "Multi-Table Count"

  • Resolve an issue related to updating player notes
  • Resolved an issue where the HUD profile was not correctly selected during the startup wizard
  • Resolved an issue where restarting the HM3 client while playing in HUD-only mode would cause session and HUD stats to reset
  • Resolved an issue where VC++ 2015-2022 dependency was not automatically installed on Windows 11 ARM machines
  • Resolved an issue where a warning appeared multiple times when the free version was first activated

Hand Viewer
  • Automatically resize the bottom of the hand viewer to fit the viewed hand history
  • Resolved an issue with Add/Edit Tags option only working once when opening Hand Viewer

  • Improved error handling when trying to import a .zip file and the extracted folder is empty

  • Settings_changed will now only be sent when setting changes, and not also when it gets updated with the same value

Poker Sites
  • Added support for Vbet Poker

  • Prevent HUD from moving slightly when replaying a new hand

  • Updated Stack Size report groupings to be consistent between different levels (e.g. 41-60 level now includes hands from 41 up to 60.99)

  • Corrected descriptions for Turn CBet-FOld IP/OOP SRP stats
  • Corrected Turn CBet 3BetPot vs 2 Opps definition