Unable to Import Hands on iPoker (RedStar)
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    Default Unable to Import Hands on iPoker (RedStar)

    Hi I just downloaded HM3 and I can't seem to import hands.

    The auto-import doesn't work. And when I try to do a manual import, it doesn't work either. It seems like the hand-history files from RedStar are in a format that HM3 can't read?

    Please help! Thanks.

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    RedStar is part of the iPoker Network so it should work if HM3 and RedStars are both configured properly to work with each other.

    - Close your poker clients, close HM3, and right-click - 'Exit' the HM3 Server icon in the Windows Notification Tray.
    - Please update to our latest beta version of HM3 from this link.
    - Restart HM3 and ensure HM3 and the HM3 Server (Auto Import/HUD) are fully started.
    - Launch your poker client(s).

    Please follow our iPoker Setup Guide instructions and If you continue to have problems please see our HUD Troubleshooting FAQ and reproduce the issue then send the requested logs, screenshots, and hand history files in a support ticket as instructed at the bottom of that FAQ with a link to this forum thread and your forum username.

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