3way all-in EV with side pot
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    Default 3way all-in EV with side pot

    BTN goes all-in 1159,1 with AKo
    SB (hero) goes all-in 3962,6 AQo
    BB goes all-in 5000 K7s

    Hero wins the pot

    For Hero this scenario shows
    Net won +5117,74
    All-in Adj Diff -4740,24

    In graph it shows only +377,5 in ev

    It was almost 3000 all-in in side pot AQo vs K7s so the EV should be much higher? Now it shows EV as if everyone would had been same stacks

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    I can't answer any questions about hand history import/results issues unless I have the actual original hand history file to import and test your hand(s) myself.

    Please zip and email the original problem hand histories and tournament summaries to us as instructed at the bottom of this FAQ with a link to this thread and your forum name. Ensure you also include screenshots of your reports/filters and a detailed description by tournament number, session, hole cards, filter, stat, etc. of some of the errors we need to test.

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