AllInEquityGroup - how does this work?
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    Default AllInEquityGroup - how does this work?

    This is a filter, but there is no obvious configuration for it.

    Can someone explain what this is for?

    Thank you!

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    From what I am told, that filter is a background filter that is necessary for the 'Races' report to function properly but can't actually be used by the end users. I am checking with our QA/Testing Manager to see if we should have the developers hide it from the end user view if they can't actually use the filter.

    If you are trying to filter by the 'Races' stat value ranges used in the 'Races' Report you would want to filter for something like this:

    EvEquityPercent>55 and EvEquityPercent<80 and AllInOnFlop=true




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    Thanks, Fozzy71! I appreciate the example, you guessed correctly what I was trying to do.

    I definitely agree that if the end user cannot use the filter, that filter should not be visible.

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