Can't see my hands
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    Default Can't see my hands

    I have the problem, that the HUD is placed directly over my hands... So I cant see my ahdns anymore... Do you have a idea for solving this problem? Thank you and best wishes

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    You need to drag/move the panel to a new location.

    - By default, the HUD components placed on the table are locked in position to avoid accidentally moving the HUD while playing.
    - To move the HUD component boxes to new locations on the table please see this FAQ.
    - Hold the Control key and left mouse button while dragging the HUD components to the new location.
    - Once they are positioned how you want them you will want to click the HM3 Table 'HUD' icon and 'Save Layout' or 'Lock & Save Layout'.
    - You can alternatively click the HM3 'HUD' icon and Unlock the HUD to move HUD groups around on the table without the need to hold the control key. This also applies to moving the HM3 Table 'HUD' icon - hold the modifier key to drag it; and also applies when moving mucked cards and board cards. To see the position of all mucked cards, use the HM3 Table 'HUD' icon to enable "Configure Mucked Cards".
    - p.s. The Graphical HUD does not have a lock on the HUD and it is moved using the right mouse button, like HM2. If you want to move the Ring or Line panel independently you have to left click the 'HM3' icon at the top of the table and uncheck the 'Lock Panels' option before you use the right mouse button to move a panel for a player.

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    Thank you!

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