notecaddy is starting to get annoying. HM3
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    Default notecaddy is starting to get annoying. HM3

    1. Caddy scatter no more do take notes of Preflop 2ndBets (RFI or ISORaise),
    2. Option "Player had to get all chips in pre flop" work with many doubts. On holdem manager 2 took notes when a player moved all in (and it was enough for me to cover the effective stack) or called an all in. now this only takes notes if a player puts all of their chips in the stack not counting the times the player didn't put in all their chips due to effective stack.
    3. grouping/prefix badges dont working, they just don't appear, it works only order badges.123456789 -.-'
    4. texture... filtering texture on turn/river by selecting option "Specified texture must have occurred on th turn" does not save the note.xml while editing the note itself.
    5. all the variables like: $pfposition, $distancefrombutton, $stacksize, $cards that decompose the note into several lines, lose many notes
    6. filtering multiple action notecaddy doesn't show average strength, only show %. for example call4bet+5bet $averagestrength. "Fold+[] Action had to not happen" it is not considered as a filter, and it gives me as output a line -

    From HM3 I only use VPIP PFR Hands Name stats. the rest I use on notecaddy. and it's really annoying to see all those updates on HM3 and no one on notecaddy
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