# of hands stat is based off
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    Default # of hands stat is based off

    This is probably a more general question, but I'll provide specific example to make this (hopefully) clearer:

    I added "flopped set" statistic to my "Overall Results" report. So I know that number is derived from my entire hand history, but how can I tell how many times this situation occurred, i.e. how many times I had a pocket pair and flopped set?

    (like when a stat is on the actual table HUD, you can hover over it and see the (x/y) for the stat but idk how to see that in a report)

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    The 'Flop Set' stat means that you were dealt a pocket pair, saw the flop, and flopped a set.

    DealtPocketPair=true and SawFlop=true and FloppedSet=true
    Should return all the hands you flopped a set.


    And removing the last of the 3 filters in the above returns the number of total chances you had to flop a set (dealt a pair and saw the flop):

    DealtPocketPair=true and SawFlop=true

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