Problem with Hero Lifetime Stats - Replayer
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    Default Problem with Hero Lifetime Stats - Replayer

    I installed hm3 few days ago and finally succeeded to import some of my HM2 Hands.
    So i wanted to view them with the replayer and tried to follow the instructions with the correct folder and file path to "HoldemManager.config".

    I also set "stats from the last 100 000 hands" in the Hud Options Configuration.

    When i paste "<Key Name="ForceLifeTimeHudStats" Value="True" />" below general while hm3 is running and save it. -> No Lifetime Hands
    When i paste "<Key Name="ForceLifeTimeHudStats" Value="True" />"save it and restart HM3 -> No Lifetime Hands, The config is overwritten to its original status.
    When i paste "<Key Name="ForceLifeTimeHudStats" Value="True" />" save it and restart HM3 while the config is "open" -> it still overwrites (after i close and reopen the file while hm3 is runnig again.

    here is the config i try to manipulate.
    <Section Name="Database">
    <Key Name="CurrentDatabaseFileName" Value="C:\Users\Nurb\Documents\Holdem Manager 3\Databases\hm3new.hmdb" />
    <Key Name="RecentDatabaseNames" Value="C:\Users\Nurb\Documents\Holdem Manager 3\Databases\hm3new.hmdb|C:\Users\Nurb\Documents\Ho ldem Manager 3\Databases\MyHM3Database.hmdb" />
    <Section Name="Display">
    <Key Name="FavoriteCashReports" Value="Home|Results|Cash Results by Stakes,Home|Results|Cash Results Graph,Home|Date and Time|Sessions,Home|Analysis|Position" />
    <Key Name="Theme" Value="Dark" />
    <Key Name="NagBarViewCollapsed" Value="True" />
    <Key Name="NumberOfLastHandsInHandsDatagrid" Value="1000" />
    <Key Name="LivePlayAutoRefresh" Value="True" />
    <Key Name="StandardReportSideViewState" Value="0" />
    <Key Name="GraphFilterGridWidth" Value="633" />
    <Section Name="Import">
    <Key Name="AutoImportFolders" Value="&quot;C:\Users\Nurb\AppData\Local\PokerStar s.EU\HandHistoryTh0rrr&quot;,True,True,4,False|&qu ot;C:\Users\Nurb\AppData\Local\PokerStars.EU\HandH istory&quot;,True,True,4,False|&quot;C:\Program Files (x86)\win2day Poker\data&quot;,True,True,16,True" />
    <Key Name="ExcludeAutoImportFolders" Value="&quot;c:\program files (x86)\win2day poker\data\logs&quot;" />
    <Key Name="ForceManualReimport" Value="True" />
    <Key Name="LastImportFolder" Value="C:\HM2Archive\IPoker\2022" />
    <Section Name="Regional">
    <Key Name="PreferredCurrencyType" Value="EUR" />
    <Key Name="EuroExchange" Value="1" />
    <Section Name="General">
    <Key Name="TelemetryEnabled" Value="False" />
    <Key Name="MaximumSessionTimeoutInMinutes" Value="15" />
    <Key Name="LastDownloadedSetupFilePath" Value="C:\Users\Nurb\Downloads\HoldemManager_3.1.2 6.0.msi" />
    <Key Name="LastDownloadedSetupFileVersion" Value="" />
    <Key Name="LoggingKeywords" Value="" />
    <Section Name="Aliases" />
    <Section Name="Analysis" />
    <Section Name="Server" />
    <Section Name="Leakonomics" />
    <Section Name="Licensing">
    <Key Name="Email" Value="" />
    <Section Name="HMSync" />
    <Section Name="HMCloud" />
    <Section Name="OpponentFilters" />
    <Section Name="PokerSites" />
    <Section Name="Replayer" />
    <Section Name="WindowStates">
    <Key Name="Replayer" Value="-1108|220|776|603.379310344828|Normal" />
    <Key Name="HandViewer" Value="-746|123|448|729|Normal" />
    <Section Name="WindowIsVisible" />
    <Section Name="Graph">
    <Key Name="Graph_ShowShowdownWinnings" Value="False" />
    <Key Name="Graph_Currency" Value="EUR" />
    <Key Name="Graph_ShowRakeback" Value="False" />
    <Key Name="Graph_ShowAllinEV" Value="True" />
    <Key Name="Graph_Hands" Value="True" />
    <Key Name="Graph_Days" Value="False" />
    <Key Name="Graph_Months" Value="False" />
    <Key Name="IsResultsGraphVisible" Value="True" />
    <Section Name="HUDSiteStatus" />
    <Section Name="UsageData" />
    <Section Name="HoldemManager.PlugIns.Replayer" />
    <Section Name="HoldemManager.PlugIns.Reports" />
    <Section Name="HoldemManager.PlugIns.WebContent" />
    <Section Name="HoldemManager.PlugIns.TableScanner" />
    <Section Name="RegressionTester" />
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thank you!

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    You have to close BOTH the HM3 client AND server before you edit the config file. By default, the HM3 Server will not close when you close the HM3 client. This is so you can still import hands and use the HUD even if the software is closed. When HM3 and the server are both closed you can get HM3 to this state using the 'HM3 HUD Only' desktop or start menu shortcut. If you want the import server to close when you close the main HM3 window you have to disable your Tools - Settings - General option to [ ] 'Keep HM3 running in HUD only mode upon exit'.

    Close your poker clients, close HM3, and right-click - 'Exit' the HM3 Server icon in the Windows Notification Tray.

    Then you can edit the config as instructed here -

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