Confused by Races vs Overall Result
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    Default Confused by Races vs Overall Result

    In my Overall Results, I have a win rate that is about 6 bb/100 HIGHER than the All-In Adjusted bb/100 (which I believe would indicate running hot in all ins).

    In my Races report, I have a -320 bb for all-ins, with an All-In Adjusted of -3 bb. This would indicate that I'm running bad in all-ins.

    So if I'm losing more than I should (on average) in races (all-ins) how is it that my overall bb/100 is HIGHER than all-in adjusted bb/100? What piece of the calculation am I missing?

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    The Races Report doesn't include River All-Ins compared to the Overall Report. Your Overall bb/100 will also vary dramatically if you play multiple different stakes. If you want a more detailed answer you would need to zip and send us a backup of your database or a copy of your C:\HM3Archive folder as instructed at the end of this guide.

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