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    i tried to search here on the forum but i didn't find anything. is it possible to insert grids or borders in pop-up cells?
    On HM2 there was the function to insert the cell border. Maybe if the developers have not thought about including this feature, there is some trick?

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    Not as such, as we only have a 'Horizontal Line Separator' option in the HUD Editor but if you set the background color of the group (to grey in your case) and set each stat’s background to another color (yellow) and ‘transparent background’ to false, you can kind of get there. Set padding to 1 and add a space or vertical pipe as the separator, then you can get that type of effect.

    1) Set the separator to a 'pipe' | - it won't give a solid line, but it's a start.


    2) Set the separator as a space and set the 'transparent background' to false for all stats, and give them a different color to the group background. This will make a grid between cells like this: (bright color for clarity)"

    *) That's with padding=0 to prevent border between rows, but setting that to 1 or higher splits things a little more too

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