it is not recognized as an hm3 database
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    Default it is not recognized as an hm3 database

    Hello everybody,
    Tomorrow I tried to install the last updates of Hm3, but an error was occured and I couldn't finish the installation. I tried to open hm3, but I can't do it. There is this problem: "C:\\Users\Mario\Documents\HoldemManager3\Database s\MyHmDatabase.hmdb it is not recognized as an hm3 database. Press OK to open the guided installation."
    When I press ok, if I try to start the fast installation nothing happens: the screen closes and I can no longer open Hm3 because "an instance of hm3 is already running". If I try the advanced installation, in case I try to create a new database nothing happens, as above; in case i try to open my existing hm3 database, it tells me it is invalid. I also tried to uninstall Hm3, but Windows can't find the uninstall file! how can i do to solve this problem?

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    It sounds like your database was somehow damaged.

    Which Operating System, Firewall, and AntiVirus are you using? Many of those free Norton, Mcaffee, Comodo, Zonealarm, Avira, Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, etc, 'internet security' bundles will not work well with Holdem Manager.

    Close your poker clients, close HM3 and right-click - 'Exit' the HM3 Server icon in the Windows Notification Tray and rename the database file - C:\Users\{UserName}\Documents\Holdem Manager 3\Databases\{DatabaseName}.hmdb - to a different name. Now when you start HM3 again it will start the setup wizard so you can create a new database using the advanced install option in the setup wizard.

    If you continue to have problems:

    Please create a support ticket via the 'Contact Support' link with a link to this thread and your forum username. Please reproduce the problem and attach a set of log files and a screenshot and detailed description of the issue in the support ticket you created.

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