Notecaddy not shows up in the app list
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    Default Notecaddy not shows up in the app list

    NOTECADDY disappear
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    Hello lio,

    Sometimes it takes a little longer to load. If thats not the case, try the steps below and let me know if it fixes that.

    - Close HM3 and "Holdem Manager server" icon on bottom of your desktop.
    - Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Max Value Software\Holdem Manager\3.0\AppsData and move the Notecaddy folder to your desktop as a backup.
    - Restart HM3, allow a couple minutes for NC to reinstall. It should start the wizard after installing NC again.

    Also make sure in HM3 - TOOLS - Settings - General - Prompt for beta updates ON. Then go to HELP - Check for updates to make sure HM3 is also up to date.

    Let me know how it went,


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