(Beta Release - Sep 30, 2022) is now available!

Latest beta build can be downloaded using beta auto update in HM3 (Settings > Prompt for beta update, then Help > Check for updates) or through this download link.

Full release notes available here.

  • Resolved an issue where parentheses could cause Filter editor to not recognize the filter

  • Resolved an issue with sending feedback

  • Added Flop Donk Bet follow up and reaction stats
  • Added River Bet vs Missed Cbet reaction stats
  • Added River Donk Bet reaction stats
  • Added Turn Donk Bet follow up and reaction stats
  • Resolved an issue with TurnActionUnopened property not including hands where check-raise occurred
  • Updated Bet vs Missed Cbet stat names
  • Updated new stats and those related to them to allow filtering by IP/OOP in HUD editor (Beta Release - Sep 22, 2022)

Hand viewer
  • Updated hand notes text color for dark theme

  • Added option to display symbol or text when a stat is hidden due to minimum upportunities

Poker Sites
  • partypoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect 'unresolved anonymous players' error in cashout hands
  • partypoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect net won for players who lost and cashed out
  • partypoker - Resolved import issues related to recent partypoker changes
  • PokerStars - Added PokerStars Switzerland, Greece and Canada Ontario support for preferred seat detection

  • Added tooltips to reports in favorites view
  • Resolved an issue with removing reports where report could still be opened after being removed

  • Added follow up stats to Flop Bet vs Missed CBet and reactions
  • Resolved an issue with detection of all-in situations for turn and river stats where raise opportunities could show even when facing all-in
  • Updated formulas for limp-raise and open limp-raise stats that didnt correctly check for all-in opponents (Beta Release - Sep 12, 2022)

Poker Sites
  • GGPoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect 'big blind not posted' warning
  • partypoker - Resolved an issue related to 'posts big blind' saved in hand histories out of order
  • partypoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect 'unexpected end of hand history' import errors
  • partypoker - Resolved some import errors related to overbet hands
  • Winamax - Additional changes for support of new client

  • Resolved an issue where first player could not be selected on opponents comparison page if second player was selected first (Beta Release - Sep 9, 2022)

  • Filter Editor - Display autocomplete option while typing in values such as 'true,false' or 'and,or'
  • Filter Editor - Allow multiple days to be selected with Day of Week filter
  • Filter Editor - Resolved an issue where clearing filters using X button would not clear DayOfWeek filter
  • Filter Editor - Resolved an issue where clearing hole cards filter would incorrectly show Omaha Hole Cards bolded
  • Filter Editor - Resolved an issue with Combine all street filters not applying correctly when reopening filter editor
  • Filter Editor - When applying day of week filter, correctly bold Date page

  • Added Open Replayer and Open hand viewer as two options for double clicking in reports hands grid. Configurable through Tools > Settings > Reports and Views
  • Display bonuses in graph even when set on the last day with hands
  • Resolved an internal error that could occur when switching databases after autoimporting
  • Resolved an issue where category for sending feedback was not set correctly
  • Resolved an issue where HM3 would not launch for some users with internet connectivity issues
  • Resolved an issue where importing from a network path would prevent import dialog from working after restart
  • Resolved an issue where warning about using cloud based folder would display multiple times
  • Resolved an issue with Hand View Columns settings window not correctly updating when resetting them to default
  • Updated available categories and subcategories when sending feedback

  • Added new option to configure minimum opportunities required before displaying the stat and an optional Text to be displayed instead
  • Added new options to configure Times and Opportunties display: Only Times, Only Opportunities, Both or None
  • Added new option to hide opportunities when above a certain value

Poker Sites
  • Added Svenska Spel as a separate site
  • 888Poker - Added Snap HUD support for new client
  • GGPoker - Added support for handhistories with straddles
  • GGPoker - Improved detection for 'Bounty hunter Sunday Main Event' tournament
  • GGPoker - Improved detection for Spin&Gold tournaments
  • GGPoker - Resolved an issue with 'invalid stakes' error occuring incorrectly
  • GGPoker - Resolved an issue with Flip & Go incorrect import errors for 'Big Blind not posted'
  • Ignition - Improved detection of Hyper Turbo SNGs
  • Ipoker - Impoved buyin detection for progressive bounty re-entry tournaments
  • partypoker - Added import support for partially anonymous hands where time bank was used
  • PokerStars - Added support for cash and tournament games in CAD currency
  • PokerStars - Added support for PS Canada Ontario
  • Winamax - Added support for new client
  • WPN - Improved calculations for cashouts in over bet hands
  • WPN - Resolved an issue with autoimport of summary files that would get incorrectly archived into "Standardized" archive folder instead of WPN
  • WPN - Resolved an issue with incorrect 'Uncalled bet is higher than total bet' errors

  • Resolved an issue where equities would change when replaying same Omaha hands
  • Updated display of stakes in the title to match reports stakes display

  • Added report name and description tooltips on home screen and in left menu
  • Changed currency symbol for CAD from $ to C$
  • Resolved an issue with saving reports with invalid names

  • Added Fold to 3Bet, Call 3bet, Call 3bet Range, 4Bet and 4Bet Range vs each position of the three bettor.
  • Added new Call/Raise/Fold vs RFI Stat for each postion of the raiser
  • Added new Raise vs 2+ Raisers stats for each position of the second raiser
  • Added new Raise vs Limp stats for each position of the limper
  • Added new stats for Raised Flop and then Bet Turn and River line
  • Added new stats for Raised Turn and then Bet River line
  • Added stats for Delayed turn Cbet and River bet line
  • Added stats for River Bet after checking Flop and Turn line
  • Added stats for River bet after skipping turn CBet line
  • Enabled color coding based on positive and negative value for Net Won SD Hand, All-in Adj Diff (bb) and All-in Adj Dif (bb/100) stats
  • Improved search terms for some stats
  • Removed limp-reraises situations from stats where it was not intentional (3Bet, Fold to 3Bet, Call 3Bet, 3Bet Range, 4Bet, 4Bet range
  • Updated descriptions for stats where 'unopened' term was used inconsistently
  • Updated formula for 'Won Showdown When Donk Bet River'
  • Updated Resteal stats to exclude situations where raise was not possible due to all-in